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Second Floor Addition and Rear Two Storey Addition with Full Basement Extension and Garage

By: Well Built Architecture Bureau

Despite of the lot's limited space, our designer developed the 2 storey project with spacious 5 Bedr

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// Second Floor Addition, Rear Addition, Unfinished Basement

About the project:


Project: Second Floor and Back Addition, Unfinished Basement

Area: Etobicoke

Old house: 2 Bed, 1 Bath, 740.5 sq. ft. bungalow

New House: 4 Bed, 4 Bath, 2,130 sq. ft.

Time to obtain permits: 5 months

Project Description

It is a common perception that custom homes and home additions are, in general, upscale, luxury construction projects, hardly affordable for a middle class family.

The featured project is a perfect example of a home addition on moderate budget. The construction estimate did not cost the homeowner arm and a leg, however, the project was customized to suit the needs of the individual client and had enough custom features like custom kitchen cabinetry or free standing bath tub in master ensuite.


Project Drawings:

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